In order to establish long-standing relationships in the marine business, by the present page our company would be glad to offer the following ship’s services at the ports we cover:

  • Shipping agency for all Vietnam's ports.
  • Protecting agency.
  • P&I club correspondent.
  • Transportation project cargoes, over-load, over-weight from Vietnam to Cambodia by tugboats/barges
  • Arranging services requested by Masters/Owners for vessel’s call.
  • Ship's spare-parts provision.
  • Keep owners advised of all operational activities.
  • Advising of terminal loading, discharge plans, turnaround time, etc.
  • Providing proforma account for advance payments of port fees.
  • Arranging bunkering, fresh water, foods provision, dunnage materials.
  • Arranging and providing cash for vessel’s payroll when requested.
  • Arranging pilots, tugs, line boat, etc
  • Arranging crew changes: hotels, immigration, airline tickets, and transportation.
  • Communication link.


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